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Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression

Hi everyone! So, in this post, I'm going to discuss a topic that is definitely not one of my usual posts. However, I felt the need to discuss what I've been feeling since giving birth to my second child about 6 weeks ago. I basically diagnosed myself and let's be clear, I am definitely NOT a doctor. I thought, instead of just guessing that I have the Baby Blues, why don't I actually do some research. The first article that jumped out at me was from entitled appropriately enough, The Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression. By Jennifer D'Angelo Friedman.

However, before I delve deep into this article, I wanted to explain to everyone some of the feelings I've been experiencing. Then, I want to read the article and fully understand which of the two I actual have the symptoms. Here we go: I'm easily agitated; I get sad for no apparent reason; I'm very unsocial and never feel like seeing any of my friends. I don't even want or feel the need to call them; I cry at the drop of the hat; I get frustrated and impatient more than normal; I can't stand the way I look and have terrible insecurities about all the weight I have yet to lose. Ok, I think that pretty much sums it up.

Now according the the article, the Baby Blues happens to about 50 - 80% of women. After reading the symptoms for both, which I will show you here:

Signs You Have the Baby Blues

1. You feel weepy (crying "all the time"), emotional and/or profoundly vulnerable. Some women describe it as "very bad PMS," Meltzer-Brody says.

2. Your symptoms peak around five days postpartum, and they last about two weeks after giving birth.

3. You also might experience mood instability, depressed mood, sadness, irritability, anxiety, lack of concentration and/or feelings of dependency.

4. Symptoms go away on their own.

Signs You Have Postpartum Depression

1. Your symptoms last longer than two weeks after giving birth, are much more severe than baby blues symptoms and interfere with functioning.

2. You might experience feelings of anxiety, sadness (crying a lot), depression, irritability, guilt, lack of interest in the baby, changes in eating and sleeping habits, trouble concentrating, thoughts of hopelessness and sometimes even thoughts of harming the baby or yourself, rumination, obsessions, loss of interest in usual activities, feeling worthless, incompetent or inadequate to cope with your baby, fatigue and/or excessive worry about the baby's health.

3. Postpartum depression typically emerges over the first 2-3 months after childbirth but may occur at any point after delivery.

I realized my symptoms for what I thought I had for the Baby Blues, have lasted longer than the 2 weeks it states above. However, the symptoms of Postpartum Depression don't really apply to me. At least the one's that stand out to me: lack of interest in the baby, changes in eating, thoughts of hopelessness and sometimes even thoughts of harming the baby or yourself, rumination, obsessions, feeling worthless, incompetent or inadequate to cope with your baby, excessive worry about the baby's health.

The article was very enlightening. Yes, I seem to be experiencing the Baby Blues longer than normal. However, I also feel because of the lack of sleep and lack of help that I have, that is making it harder for me to lose the weight and get a decent amount of sleep. Once I go back to work and the baby sleeps through the night (which he definitely is not doing right now) then, I feel like I will HAVE to shower and put makeup on and do my hair. In turn, I will hopefully be getting more sleep, exercising more and feeling better about the whole experience. This is my hope and I will make sure to update everyone in a few months or so.

I hope you found this post helpful. I would really love your thoughts on this topic, so please comment below and I would really appreciate it, if you subscribed as well!

Thank you!

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