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DIY Teeth Whitening Experiment

Hi, in this post I'm going to go over a natural DIY remedy for whitening your teeth. I did a little digging and found that most of the natural items you can find in your home for teeth whitening such as: 1) Baking soda 2) Apple cider vinager 3) Strawberries

You can also check out my YouTube video here:

Instead of using them all separately, I decided to make my own concoction and combine them all into a paste. My theory is that if they all work individually, then they must work even better combined. I combined them all and then put them into a puree mixer. I used this concoction to brush my teeth for 7 days. With any teeth whitening products whether it be natural or store bought, be careful to use in moderation. I have heard of thinning of the tooth enamel when whitening your teeth. My conclusion is that it definitely does work and it made my teeth brighter. However, the issues that I had with it, is that it is time consuming and it tastes terrible. I won't be doing this all the time, but definitely on special occasions or every several months or so. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please like it, comment and subscribe!

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