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Tips for Younger Looking Skin

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

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Hi everyone…I’m here to discuss some of the things I do besides using my daily skin care products that help me stay looking so young. I haven’t tried botox or fillers, so all of these tips that I will talk about are really important to help me stay looking and feeling young.


12 Helpful Tips for Younger Looking Skin

Hi everyone…I’m here to discuss some of the things I do besides using my daily skin care products that help me stay looking so young. I haven’t tried botox or fillers, so all of these tips that I will talk about are really important to help me stay looking and feeling young. I hope you enjoy the video and if you do, please Like it, comment and subscribe.

The first thing on my list is:

• Vitamins

• Prenatal – I have been taking prenatal vitamins for about 8 years now. I started taking them because at 37 years of age, I knew at some point I would want to have a baby. It’s also great for your hair, skin and nails. They are packed with vitamin B-6, Folic acid, B-12, and calcium.

• Omega 3 and Pure Fish Oil – which can improve your heart health and fight inflammation and there are studies that show it helps reduce the risk of alzheimers.

• CoQ10 – helps reduce wrinkles. it’s an anti-oxidant which helps neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging.

• Iron – I’ve always been a little anemic, so iron helps that deficiency. It’s an essential protein component for metabolism and helps produce red blood cells.

• Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant which helps in building strong bones, maintaining healthy clear skin, facilitating cell differentiation and supporting immune function.

• Vitamin B-12 – helps support the formation of red blood cells and the maintenance of the central nervous system. It also allows the body to break down fats and proteins.

• Vitamin D – is great for your bone health, especially as we age. Since I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, it’s important that I get my vitamin D thru my supplements.

• Sleep

• I try to get 8 hours of sleep a night, however realistically, I get about 7 hours/night. Listen, it’s tough because I’m a working mom, but I do try my best. Benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are: improved memory, it can possibly increase your life span; curb inflammation; spur on creativity; improve your performance; sharpen your attention; maintain a healthier weight; lowers stress levels; and helps deter depression.

• Avoiding the Sun and SPF is a must

• I’m going to be honest, I used to lay out in the sun about 8 hours a day in the summer time when I was in high school. When I was younger than that, I was outside all the time playing. We tried using sunscreen but I know we never reapplied it that’s for sure. You can see how dark I was in these old pictures of me.

When I turned 18 years old, I got a mild case of vitiligo on my face. Which if you don’t know what that is, it’s a skin condition that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The blotches that I got are on my face. The biggest spot is right over my right eye, which I still have to this day. I believe that stress and laying out a lot during that time is what caused it to form. Nothing has been proven, but I do believe it to be the case for me, at least. Anyway, after that, I had to stay out of the sun. When I tanned my face, that’s when you really noticed it. I was so embarrassed that I stopped tanning my face completely. So, no I didn’t stop tanning because I thought about wrinkles in the future. Nope, it was the vitiligo. If I were to tan my face tomorrow, you would see the white patches. Luckily for me, I have a very very mild case, because there are people that get it all over their bodies and it’s quite noticeable. So for the last 29 years, I have not tanned my face, which I feel has contributed a lot to the fact that I have minimal wrinkles. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have wrinkles, but I feel like it would be a lot more prominent had I layed out the way I did prior to 18. I wear at least a 30 – 50 spf in my moisturizer and I also wear sunglasses all the time. Not only does it prevent me from squinting which causes the wrinkles in between my eyebrows but I also have light eyes and I’m very sensitive to bright lights, therefore, sunglasses are a must. And just for the record, I have tanned my body before many times. When I do that, I would just put a towel or shirt over my face and then use a self-tanner and bronzer on my face to even out the color to match my body’s color. Now that I have a toddler, I don’t even tan my body anymore. Self-tanner is a life saver for me. I love it. (I’m actually going to be doing a video of my favorite and least favorite self-tanners. So look out for that one in the future)

• Exercise

• For me, exercise is really important. I do yoga, pilates and a barre class. I try to workout at least 3 times a week. It’s hard sometimes with a full time job, a toddler and coordinating schedules with my husband, but we seem to juggle it all pretty well. I hate cardio, so that’s why yoga, pilates and the barre classes work so well for me. They help to tone and lengthen and they help to relieve stress, especially yoga. I feel lighter and happier afterward.

• I sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

• The silk fibers help keep moisture close to the skin. Your face will be better hydrated than if you slept on a cotton one. The more hydrated the skin is, the less fine lines and wrinkles you will see. You can get some good one’s on for a reasonable price.

• Absolutely NO smoking at all! I can always tell when I see a regular smoker. They tend to get these prominent lines and wrinkles around their lips.

• Stay hydrated at all times. Drink water and green tea. Green tea has been known to improve skins complexion and reduces inflammation. If you drink it regularly, around 2 cups/day, you should notice your skin glowing. Green tea helps to fight against free radicals. An antioxidant “polyphenols” present in green tea fights with free radicals. Free radicals are the root of aging so anything that can neutralize these particles before they have a chance to damage our genetic material will slow the aging process and protect us from disease.

• Eat healthy. Try to avoid artificial and pre-packaged foods and too much sugar. Specifically, I will say that eating pomegranates and goji berries are very helpful. Pomegranates consists of three times as many antioxidants as both wine or green tea.  It is said to be a healthy powerhouse. Pomegranates have been traditionally used for clearing up the skin and reducing inflammation. And Goji berries have an exceptional ability to fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

• Curb your alcohol intake. However, if you do like to have an occasional alcoholic beverage, I recommend red wine. The key is the antioxidants in red wine. Antioxidants clear out damaging free radicals that play a role in aging and age-related diseases. There is a much higher concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols, including resveratrol, in wine compared to grape juice. In wine, the skin and seeds are part of the fermenting process, but both are removed when making grape juice. However, don’t go overboard. You can have too much of a good thing. The recommended dose is 1 glass per day. I definitely have less than that. I have about 4 glasses/week.

• Cleanse your skin before bedtime no matter how tired you are. (I will be doing a video about my entire nighttime routine soon, so look out for that one coming up)

• Monthly Facials – they don’t have to be from a fancy expensive salon. I go to very affordable place near where I live. You can also do facial masks and DIY masks at home. I will be doing a video on DIY facial masks and other masks that I love, so please watch out for that video coming soon.

• Last but not least….laughing. I love to laugh, I mean who doesn’t, right? You know the old saying, “laughing is the best form of medicine”. I feel like it’s true. There have been studies that say that laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, improves cardiac health, boosts T cells, triggers the release of endorphins, produces a general sense of well-being and lastly, it’s a fun ab workout.

You can also see my video on YouTube by searching Renae Olivia!

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