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My List of Ways to Finding Happiness

Hello there! Today's post is all about finding your happiness. These are just my simple, off the top of my head thoughts to my own happiness. There are probably hundreds more we could list, but I wanted to keep it to my top 20. You can also watch my video on YouTube:

I for one, believe that happiness is a key contributor to one’s self worth. And if you feel that you are worthy and happy in where you are in life, then your beauty will shine through. I have been told and I believe that when you smile you’re more attractive than someone sitting there pouting or looking moody. Makes sense, right? Ok, here we go:

• Organize/declutter

• Laugh and play with your child/children

• Visit loved one’s

• Exercise

• Get at least 7.5 hrs of sleep

• Volunteer or do random acts of kindness

• Go out with friends

• Have date night with your spouse

• Think about starting my own business/or imagine the idea of doing or accomplishing something great

• Take a trip with your spouse and children

• Take a trip with just your friends

• Don’t focus too much on the future

• Don’t regret the past or blame others or the world for what you deem to be imperfect in your life

• Take stock in the good in your life

• Take the time to read a book even if it’s a chapter a week

• Don’t look at social media ALL the time. Remember, no one’s life is perfect and most people are trying to portray that on social media.

• Acknowledge the little things: the sound of your child’s laugh; drinking a warm cup of tea/coffee and watching the rain; snuggling up on the couch to watch a good movie; sunsets/sunrises; a hug from a friend/loved one etc.

• Smile

• Compliment others

• Always keep hope alive. In my opinion, hope is the single most important aspect of anyone’s happiness.

Ok, so that’s my post on Happiness. Bottomline, make your own happiness and don’t count on others to achieve it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Please like it, comment and subscribe. It would make my day! Take care and I’ll see you next time.

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