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Reviewing Body Lotion for Dry Winter Skin | Aveeno | Over 40 Skincare

Hi, in this post, I'm reviewing Aveeno's Yogurt body lotion and Mer I Sea by Anthropologie body cream.

You can watch the full video on my YouTube channel here:

The Anthropologie lotion smelled good at first, but after about an hour, the smell turned on me. It became too strong and too fragrant for my taste. It also, wasn't thick and luxurious enough for my mature skin. The packaging is beautiful, but the overall review isn't good. Especially for the price of $24. I won't be buying this body lotion again from Anthropologie.

The Aveeno body yogurt is my go to body lotion. I love it. It isn't fancy and the price is affordable at $7. It is a creamy, luxurious lotion that absorbs nicely into my skin. It has a really subtle fragrance which is really beautiful without overwhelming your senses. The yogurt and oats are so smoothing and hydrating to the skin as well. I will definitely be buying this product again.

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